The S.KONISHI lines are well known in Japan as they are prominent in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion scene and can be found at the Contrast+ boutique on Cat Street in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

Satoru KONISHI, a multi-talented entrepreneur; has a talent, interest and collections which include, photography, antiques, automobiles and fine time pieces. He draws inspiration from all facets of life and all corners of the world but is particularly fond of the 1930’s. He has been featured in many Japanese lifestyle and fashion magazines including Rentier, Senken, Wired, Dorso & Sense.

He is also well known in Japan as one of spokesmen for the Seiko Watch Company, and his 5-story residence in the Setagaya-ku ward of Tokyo has been featured many times on Japanese television programs as a showpiece of modern architecture.

He stated, “My design is reflected in my past. I saw and felt people, culture, history, and street traveling the world, especially Middle East and Europe. Those experiences developed my creativity and cultivated discerning eyes.I would like to be happy sharing the essence with one wears my design.”